ABOUT FAST Foundation for Autism Support and Training

FAST's Mission Statement

We understand that “Quality of Life” is greatly enhanced for adults with autism when a program promotes independence, personal choice and individual dignity, while also supporting each person’s sense of well-being through caring relationships. Quality of life is enhanced also by participation in a broad range of opportunities ensuring that each person has a chance to reach his own maximum potential.

The Mission and Goals of the Foundation for Autism Support and Training are to:

Help and empower people with autism spectrum disorder and other pervasive developmental disabilities by (a) providing them with the opportunities, support and structure to live, work and serve in the community, and (b) developing an appealing and comprehensive model residential, day and job program, both of which promoting and enhancing individual dignity, personal choice, self-esteem, joy, independence, encouraging consumers to realize their full potential.

Provide autism awareness, guidance and consultation to parents and family members of adults on the autism spectrum and other pervasive developmental disabilities to develop long-term, life-care plans for their adult children. (FAST will assist these caregivers with a step-by-step road map for developing and managing their own community residential homes and other assisted living options for adults with autism, as well as day programs as well as day programs and vocational training services.)

Provide advice, consultation and education to professionals in the field of autism and other developmental disabilities thus improving the care, education and autism treatment methods used with adults on the autism spectrum.

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