QUALITY OF LIFE Foundation for Autism Support and Training

Exploring Quality of Life

When we talk about Quality of Life, we refer to how "good" life is. But it is not always a simple task to define a good life, because the meaning of a good life is different for different people. Quality of Life, for everyone, arises from a variety of life conditions that work together in complex ways.

As we begin to explore the concept of Quality of Life (QOL) for adults on the autism spectrum, it is useful to hear from a variety of perspectives. In the following pages, we share various perspectives regarding the meaning, factors and indicators of a good quality life including:

  • The conclusions of a QOL study by a university research team of social scientists;
  • Training needs and perspectives of direct support workers and providers in the field of autism;
  • The consensus views of an autism advocacy organization comprising individuals with autism spectrum disorders and Aspergers Syndrome and their families;
  • An Alternative View on Outcomes in Autism, written by Lisa Ruble and Nancy Dalrymple.

The Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network has graciously provided us with much perspective on the subject of Quality of Life for adults on the autism spectrum and we are most grateful. To read more about this topic and other topics relevant to adults with autism go to: HYPERLINK www.ont-autism.uoguelph.ca/STRATEGIES4.shtml

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